To create or modify column layout, begin in the Templates tab. Note that only Team Editors or Owners have access to the template editor, where columns are created.

In the template editor, select (click on) a section you want to toggle column layout for, and click the Columns icon in the toolbar:

** NOTE: column layout can only be applied to unnumbered and non-indented sections, as well as sections without conditional logic. **

If you try to toggle column layout for a section and receive an error message saying “Columns can only be applied to top-level unnumbered sections”, make sure to remove any numbering, indents or conditional logic in the selected section before trying again.

Remove Columns

To remove column layout for a section, simply click on the “Columns” icon in the toolbar again to revert the section back.

Toggling columns on/off for a section will not break variables, formatting, or references you’ve set for the selected section nor the sections above and below it. Our unbreakable numbering and smart section references automatically update, so you can format with confidence!

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