Adding clickable hyperlinks to your contracts lets recipients easily navigate to any web page referenced in your contract -- including to other contracts on Outlaw!

You can add clickable links both at the contract level and the template level.

Contract Level

In a contract, select (click on) a section where you wish to add a link. Type in the full URL of the webpage and hit “Save.”

You know the link is clickable when the URL becomes underlined. If you click the URL, it displays an “Open link” message.

For the link to be clickable, ensure you’ve added https:// or http:// to the start of the URL. For example, adding the URL“” will directly redirect you to the website, but adding “” will not.

Jump To a Related Deal on Outlaw

A major benefit of putting hyperlinks in a contract is to make it easy to jump between related contracts within Outlaw.

For example, if you have a Master Services Agreement with a particular counterparty and also several Statements of Work with the same counterparty, you may want to reference and link directly to the MSA within each SOW.

To do this, copy and paste in the full URL of the Outlaw contract you want to reference, following the directions above for ensuring the link is clickable:

Once the link is clickable, a user who is shared on the linked contract will be able to jump directly to this deal by clicking the hyperlink!

NOTE: Users who click on a link to an Outlaw contract will ONLY be able to view it if they are already shared on this linked deal. This is necessary in order to maintain the security of your sensitive legal documents.

Add a Link to a Template

In a template, use the same steps described above. If you wish to test whether the link is clickable, use the “Preview” function (paper and magnifying glass icon at upper right) to view what the hyperlink will look like in a contract.

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