Outlaw offers secure, native eSigning that can be accessed securely from anywhere and on any device allowing for a more productive way to reach agreement. Our legally-binding eSignature follows the federal ESIGN Act of 2000 to ensure the legality and enforceability of signatures in electronic form. For more information on the requirements of the ESIGN Act, read more on our eSigning page.

Certification of Completion

For added security, a Certification of Completion automatically populates after your agreement has been signed by all parties. The electronic certificate is available in the PDF view of the finalized agreement.

Identifying information about the executed document such as the signers’ IP address, name, email, signature image, as well as the document’s key event timestamps can be found on the Certificate of Completion. This provides proof of the signing process to all parties and can be used to resolve questions about the history of the transaction.

NOTE: All contracts originating and drafted through Outlaw once finalized will automatically generate a Certification of Completion. Any third party paper (contracts using our upload/import function) and signed on Outlaw will not generate a Certification of Completion.

Audit Log

A complete, time-stamped audit log of the agreement, as well as a full list of its variables, can also be appended at the end of your PDF copy together with the Certificate of Completion if desired.

To generate a contract PDF with a record of its audit log:

  1. From your contract view in Outlaw, click the Three Dots in the upper right-hand corner and select Export contract.

  2. Check Include contract activity before exporting.

The PDF version of your contract with its Certificate and Audit Log is downloaded to your local Downloads folder.

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