Within the Flow module of Outlaw, there are a number of Keyboard Shortcuts that can be used to format text and manipulate sections to speed up your workflow.

Text Formatting

[ctrl/cmd] + [b] = Bold
[ctrl/cmd] + [i] = Italic

[ctrl/cmd] + [u] = Underline

Section shortcuts

[return] or [shift] + [return] = Line break (all sections) / Within a focused section jump from title to body / Add new list item

[delete/backspace] = Jump to title of focused section if insertion point is at start of body (or body is empty)

[ctrl/cmd] + [tab] = Indent (list item only)
[ctrl/cmd] + [shift] + [tab] = Outdent (list item only)

[esc] = Remove focus of current section being edited (must not have unsaved changes)

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