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Checkpoints within Workflows (Default & Custom)
Checkpoints within Workflows (Default & Custom)
Written by Sarah O'Neill
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Checkpoints and Checkpoint Groups allow for more controlled review of documents within both the default Outlaw Workflow and custom Custom Workflows.

Creating a Checkpoint Group

Step 1: Within the Teams tab of your Outlaw, navigate to the Checkpoints sub-tab and select New Checkpoint Group

Step 2: Name your Checkpoint Group and select the individuals who should be a part of this group - this can be edited and added to later. Once completed, click "Save".

βœ… Best Practice with a checkpoint group is to not delete but to edit the group

Incorporating Checkpoint Groups into custom Workflows

Step 1: Once you have a Checkpoint Group created, incorporate it into a Checkpoint Step within a custom Workflow by navigating to the Workflow sub-tab under Teams

Step 2: Create a Checkpoint Step and select the Checkpoint Group that should be approving for that step.

Step 3: Once selected, there are two customizable options for your Checkpoint Step

  1. There is the ability to require unanimous agreement from all of those in the Checkpoint Group that the checkpoint is passed or only requiring one approval based on the first response

  2. There is the option to make the Checkpoint skippable in the Workflow if needed. This skip is tracked in Contract Activity so those reviewing are aware of who skipped the Checkpoint

βœ… Best Practice is to not delete a Checkpoint Group once associated with a Workflow Step. If needing to delete a group, first create a new one, attribute to the Workflow group and then delete the group.

Utilizing Checkpoint Groups within custom Workflows in Flow

Once a contract has been generated and one of the custom Workflow steps is a Checkpoint, users will have the option to run the Checkpoint.

The Checkpoint step added within the custom Workflow will require that all members of that Checkpoint Group approve prior to moving on to the next Step if selected as Unanimous. If selected as First Response, the individual who approves or rejects the Checkpoint first will control the Checkpoint.

Checkpoint Steps within Flow will be marked with the Checkpoint Flag logo to help users identify them better and approval/rejection is tracked within the Contract Activity Log.

In a Checkpoint Step within a Workflow, owners will not be able to move to the next Workflow step until the Checkpoint has been approved by a member (or all members) of the Checkpoint Group. Once approved, the next custom Workflow step becomes available.

Utilizing Checkpoint Groups with the default Outlaw Workflow in Flow

Checkpoint Groups can also be utilizing outside of Custom Workflows. The below details how to use Checkpoint Groups on a ad-hoc basis in the Outlaw Default Workflow.

Step 1: If needing to creating a 1-off checkpoint, select the Checkpoint Icon within Flow and select your desired Checkpoint Group.

Step 2: Once selected, you have the option of selecting Unanimous or First Response for approval and then selecting Run.

Once selected, the individuals within the group will be required to either reject or approve the Checkpoint. This approval or rejection is tracked within the Contract Activity log.

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